Tuesday, June 29, 2010

much to delight...in white!

I tend to always lean towards bright, colored things... any turquoise, lavender {I die!}, chartreuse, orange or citron... oh, CITRON!

But today at my desk I looked up at these beauties hanging from the rafters and realized that you know, sometimes, there is just as much joy in the simple, pure color of white...

This color, to me, is very intriguing.... maybe it's because sometimes when I see white, I'm overcome with a sense of calmness and peace... other times I feel like someone just threw 6 + espresso shots into my drink to electrify me and jolt me awake!
So I started looking around to find more vignettes that I would be enamored with, and this is what I found :

Aren't these just lovely?!?
I think I've added a new color to my list of faves... and what a magnificent one, it is, indeed!

Cheers to white!

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