Tuesday, June 22, 2010

chasing fireflies

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Ok, here goes: I'm new to this blog-thing. I still don't fully understand it...and frankly, it intimidates me. There, I said it. But our marketing diva and dear friend, Taylor, assures me that all I have to do is write about "what inspires" me. Well, this could go on all day, right? As sleep deprived as I am these days {having given birth to little Virginia 5 weeks ago}, I still find my spirits buoyed by the unexpected. Could be the way the pink/aqua/chartreuse evening light filters through century-old trees that canopy our house. Or the perfect pitch of our black lab, Bryson's soulful howl...whatever the "inspiration" of the moment, it is always accompanied by a rush of deep gratitude.

I grew up in Alabama where many a thick, balmy evening was spent running barefoot, stringy-haired around the neighborhood...Mason jar in hand, grasping for little magic bits of joy we called "lightning bugs." My sibling and I spent hours creating natural "lanterns" which we placed beside our beds. Last night, my ten-year old son, Guy and I were looking for some trouble to get into...so we grabbed a plastic Crystal Light container {fresh out of Mason jars here} and lit out into the perfect sticky Carolina dusk to catch some fun. WOWEE! The dark woods behind our house had become the perfect layered stage for a synchronized electric show! Nature's own Lite Brite {remember those?!} We stood wide-eyed, mouths gaping at the mesmerizing display. Crickets chirped and birds chattered about it...even one of the {creepy} neighborhood raccoons stopped near us to watch before he scuttled off into the brush. Guy said, " I always liked that word, 'scuttled'." And I said, "Me too." And that was that.

How's that for inspiration?

My crazy wonderful dreamy boy, Guy. He's without a doubt, my greatest inspiration.

I'm gonna take all those greens and citrons and lavenders from those bugs and the gorgeous twilight and pick back up a series of paintings I started a couple of years ago...of swinging chinese lanterns, ribbons, fireflies and the like. A party on a canvas. Stay tuned. I'll post them as I get them finished.

Be happy. Be grateful. Mostly, be kind.

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