Friday, June 25, 2010

H 2 whoa!

Well, since it's the first official week of summer and it's nearing 100 degrees daily outside, it all has me thinking... about what else? WATER!
No, I'm not dehydrated {atleast, I don't think} but really all this heat & humidity makes me want to go jump in a crisp, cold pool.

And, if I was lucky enough to have such a luxury in my backyard, I think i would want it to look something like this:

{elle decor via Shelter}

or this would do also.

Either option must be paired with a reasonably-sized float in the middle that holds me - with chilled beverage in hand, of course.

And, after my divine dip, I believe it wouldn't be too terribly difficult if I just curled up somewhere like here

or here

{source unknown}

- but just for a little cat nap, right?

Well, how about a little bit of sunshine that I could add in my real house?

And, if I'm wanting to get really tricky I could start going into fabrics... {Hummmmm, now maybe I should give Katie a call?!?}

Well, you too, can have these things - all found here at the studio.

Now, hurry... because I'm not making any promises that they won't be coming home with me.
{Note: Husbands are not allowed to comment on this post!}

Here's to daily sunshine {and plenty of water!} this summer,

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