Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i got the blues...

My world has been a pink explosion of late...due to BabyGirl showing up. But some of my favorite things lately {besides my pink lady, of course} have been in one shade or another of this dreamy hue: blue.

Early this spring I painted my stair landing and kitchen door the most soothing turquoise : Benjamin Moore 2050-40 Florida Keys Blue {semi-gloss for these applications}. It's a gorgeous white sand beach, frosty mojito and resplendent sunset in a quart-size can. Get some for yourself! If you're local, visit our friends at Suburban Paint for all your paint needs.

I've been true to blue when pulling concepts together for new clients recently too...trying to work it in when I can. Blue, in most every shade, offers a clean slate, a deep breath. Hope. Clear skies. Placid waters. It says: fresh, crisp, confident.

One thing's for sure: if we have to do laundry and vacuum, we may as well look cute doing it. Hence, my new Miele canister vac. This is dang cute, don't you think? LOVE this little wonder...excellent performance, lightweight, not to mention it's color makes me smile every time I see it! And the cobalt Electrolux washer and dryer were a nice step up from the dingy basic white laundro-matish editions that preceded them. Makes housework a breeze! {This is not really true, but sounds good...the breeze part, I mean, since I still have to be Cinderella and do the work!}

Last, but not least, thought I'd throw in my boys who greet me each morning. They've clearly been up to something. Got this compelling painting from my artist/foodie/mystic friend, Sermet in Charleston. You may have eaten at his delicious cafe, Sermet's Corner on King Street. I love the quote written at the bottom of his painting: A youth without fire is followed by old age without experience.

{Sermet's Corner, 276 King Street, Charleston, SC 29401. ph 843.853.7775}

True that. So, light it up!

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