Tuesday, February 22, 2011

dear friends... love, mb {a note from Mayme about our move}

Greetings!...from the CrazyHouse! Wow, what a wacky wonderful {read: exhausting, yet exhilarating} New Year it has been! We are thrilled, to say the least, about the move to our very own home at 93 Cleveland Street. Your patience with us as the South Main Street studio has literally been turned upside down is and has been greatly appreciated. Thank You! It has been quite an undertaking but we're almost there, folks! Monday begins our last week in the downtown studio. We'll miss the quirky energy of our alleyway but so look forward to our own parking lot {that's right!}, onsite storage and a rooftop painting studio for me! {fun! - come on up and see me sometime!}...as well as moving closer to many of our friends and clients.

The renovation of our new studio space has been an adventure! Due to crazy winter weather setbacks and a few major structural surprises, we'll be a little later moving in than we originally planned. We'll keep you updated but our hope is to be in by mid-March. In the meantime, for all of our active design clients, please do not fret! - we've got you covered. You know Katie won't miss a beat. We'll be working from a remote office set-up and will stay on top of your orders and installations as scheduled. So, while we may be out of sight for a week or two, hopefully we won't be out of mind! Call us for anything you need. It will take us a couple months to really settle into our new spot, but our plan is to have the shop all spiffy, put together and open as fast as we can. We'll be sending pics of our move along the way... the good, the bad and the ugly {but hopefully not too much of that!}.

In the meantime, let me take this opportunity to say how deeply grateful I am for your business but especially your friendship, encouragement and kind support. I believe we have the world's best customers {YOU}... Amy, Katie, Taylor and I will continue to strive to offer great ideas, excellent service and the best mix of products anywhere. And we always welcome your feedback. If you aren't supremely happy with a purchase or our service...or just have a suggestion on how we can improve, we want to hear about it. Better, faster, stronger {thanks, Kanye} - that's our goal!

Take good care and I'll see you very soon!

My Best,

be happy. be grateful. mostly, be kind.


  1. I am so, so , so excited for you all! Congrats on a beautiful new home for MB...and the rooftop painting studio sounds KILLER!


  2. I just found your site via a comment on my post today about "happy" places I like to go when I need a dose of happy. I say your site fits that bill. Love your art, and looking forward to reading your blog!